November 26 | 2022 Events — 2 Min Read

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Una Reina muy Pop


september 09 | 2022 Point of view — 2

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And the art


point of view — 5 Min Read Modern

And the art2022-07-07T04:52:10+00:00

Artist is the essence


One of the most used words in art criticism is perhaps "innovation" the artist seeks to innovate, to do something innovative. Or on the contrary, he simply remains stuck in the same thing, and does not have a fresh or "innovative" proposal.

Artist is the essence2021-03-08T18:04:04+00:00

The importance of different disciplines among our presentations


The specialty is something that likes and generates some kind of recognition, whether in the economic, political or social. But there is always that beauty that is found when exploring and experiencing. That beauty that is sometimes found in the weird, in the rare.

The importance of different disciplines among our presentations2021-03-08T18:02:35+00:00

The approach to the work of the artist


Many artists have the prevailing need to express their deepest thoughts through physical work, which must be experienced closely in order to perceive the totality of the message that everyone will receive according to viewer's disposition.

The approach to the work of the artist2021-03-08T18:04:52+00:00


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