point of view — 5 Min Read

And the art

Point of view — 5 Min Read

And the art?

Even when we can refer to art based on great masterpieces, the concept of art is deeper and changes as soon as our times and our way of life adapts to rapid technological changes.

Art is so diverse that it is difficult to find a single way to define it. But if I had to choose a simple way to put it, it could be that it is the creative manifestation of every human being.

Art includes numerous currents, trends and techniques that it is so complex to catalog it, today it becomes easier to call it contemporary art. Actually, all art is contemporary to its time, but what we call contemporary art today is actually that art that has been created after the modern. It is so difficult to explain wanting to catalog it based on some particularity, that I think the simplest thing is: If you come to ask yourself, if it is art, it is contemporary art, that art that defies standards and becomes critical in itself.

Art is becoming more and more important for societies. It is a means of expression, criticism and observation of social environments. The artist can take any subject and strip it bare in front of the viewer’s critical eye, to denounce something, or simply to share an opinion.

Art as life

Art moves the masses, inspires radical changes, motivates us to question, or just makes us feel, art is a great generator of consciousness, in addition to adorning shop windows. Everything in life takes a bit of art. And all art carries a bit of life. Art sensitizes societies and forms part of them, creates cultures and identities and identifies with them.

Now, with the ease of information, there are varieties of themes, regional or global, it is easier to take an issue, political or social, and turn it into an object of inspiration. Although art continues to be a means of social denunciation, it goes further, and artists are free to express their own interests. Art is not required to be a means of denunciation, it remains an object of status, and at the same time a form of rebellion.

There cannot be only one perspective, art is as varied as life itself. That makes it so complicated that it is often easier to catalog it by theme.

Art as influence

In our era, our current society, art is a universal way of “personal” expression. Through social networks, people express themselves and share their emotions or feelings towards the world, it is so fast that art even has to adapt to that spontaneous fragility that with a “refresh” can be lost among the thousands of ideas. And only the one who goes “viral” becomes a hit.

But art goes beyond a platform of people who want to express themselves, art helps you get out of difficult situations and create something beautiful as a result of them. It helps you express your emotions in a way that words might not. It helps you to deepen your thoughts, and once reflected, it may help to clarify those of some observer. Art is a reflection of who we are as a society *sometimes* it is a reflection of our culture and how we are related to it.

Art is an influence in society, that is why it is so powerful as a means of communication, it is still a currency, that is why it is so important at the economic level, the art industry is an industry that moves millions.

The influence of art over sociopolitical and economic issues, moves the viewer, transmits emotions and ideas. It has the ability to educate, to raise awareness and break with the schemes. Art is more than an image, an idea, words or contexts. It is the human experience, it is more than a practice, it is more than a passion. It is part of life itself, it has been present since the most remote times and will continue to be part of our days regardless of trends, religion, race or ideologies.

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