October 13 | 2019

Chronicle — 2 Min Read

McCaul Lombardi Shot in CLAVO Space

October 13 | 2019

Chronicle — 2 Min Read

McCaul Lombardi Shot in CLAVO Space

This past weekend at CLAVO Space we have the visit of Actor McCaul Lombardi for a photoshoot of International Magazine.

While the photo session of actor McCaul Lombardi was taking place, one of the locations was CLAVO Space, during which actor posed accompanied by 2 of Abel Adrian’s pieces, his favorite “indifference” The piece which Lombardi described as Amazing and the which he could create a whole story through it.

Lombardi chooses Abel Adrián´s painting Indifference to be place it when shooting.

About the piece

The piece belongs to a collection of 4 works (Indifference, Hope, Melancholy and Vezania) that refers to the moods and which according to Hippocrates were the result of an imbalance between the so-called liquid moods of the body.

In the words of the artist himself, the work Indifference is about hidden love, the love that is indifferent to one of the two lovers. but it also deals with the ego and how many times the ego makes us indifferent to the feelings of the loved one, to the loved one or even many times to our own emotions.

Abel Adrian’s indiferencia. Oil on canvas – 2013

Actor McCaul Lombardi poses with Abel Adrian’s painting Indifference.

Contemporary Performances

According to Abel Adrián, each of his presentations deals with a particular topic or story, where the main thread is always emotions.

There is something that since I was a child attracted me strongly, were the ideas of art as at my young age I could understand. but beyond aesthetics I imagined spaces, lighting and figures that were somewhat fuzzy but strongly transmitted different emotions that evoked feelings of peace and calm.

Since I began experimenting with the arts I have been pursuing that dream of meeting again with those spaces that I once imagined as a child and that at times only become fleeting moments within my own personality.

Author: Clavo Space

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