November 15 | 2019

Point of view — 2 Min Read

The approach to the work of the artist

November 15 | 2019

Point of view — 2 Min Read

The approach to the work of the artist, a fundamental step for the understanding of the work of art

Seeing a live art piece is a totally different experience from the catalog. One can feel the vibrant presence of the artist through living with his work.

Many artists have the prevailing need to express our deepest thoughts through their physical work, which must be experienced closely in order to perceive the totality of the message that everyone will receive according to their disposition.

Artist Matt Shultz painting live

The importance of the message or idea that the artist wants to convey to the audience using any of the artistic manifestations, whether they are visual arts, theater, dance or other types of media to indicate, reinterpret or transmit an idea or feeling, can be a constantly changing if you experience it closely, live or through performance. Which in many cases, through this artistic language we can experience firsthand the passion or controversy that the artist generates through his work.

Artist Matt Shultz painting live in front of audience

Contemporary Performances

Each work is developed in a specific space and time, among endless resources proposed by the artists, using all perceptual channels, sometimes automatically, decidedly or by accident, alternatively or experimentally; But whatever the case, the importance of colors, textures and even aromas acquire a meaning that, when experienced live face to face with the work can help to engage with the artists oeuvre, either spontaneously or through the feeling that generates by its meaning.

Author: Clavo Space

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