26 NOVEMBER 2022 — 11 JANUARY 2023








C. Mexicaltzingo 1683

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Experimental tries to open the universe linked to the experience of the artists. Its interactivity seeks to explore a close dialogue between the author and the audience. It intends to retake the artistic fact itself considering essential elements of creation; perceive, investigate and demonstrate.

Emotions, fears, and feelings are observed spontaneously, in a spill of thoughts turned into work. The exhibition resumes the philosophy of discovering the ways of possessing what lives inside the artist and transforming it into an object, instead of appropriating external existence and deforming it. The empirical dialogue is not the discourse itself, more so if it is the course that the works adopted with the sole philosophy of creating, leaving aside the theoretical, technical, or commercial support.

In this situation, the exhibition does not seek to examine a specific theme and does not properly follow an experimental art program. The social solitude of the artist and the conditions of the individual environment are what make each work unique. Without intending to debate current artistic production, it is based on the fact that the work is created solely for the pleasure of creating, far from fashion and marketing that pursue productivity more than true expression.

Experimental seeks to answer the question: to what extent can art be made just for the simple fact of manifesting itself, and seek to externalize based solely on the essence? The inventive sensitivity and the imagination of the author expose the artistic creation as an individual reality.

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Abel Adrián

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An Artist who does not limit himself in the matter of expressing thus the simple fact of an expression. He has experimented in writing, photography, literature, sculpture, painting or cinema.

“I think that when you have something to say, a means to express it is not enough, even if I consider myself an apprentice in practically all subjects. The richness of experiencing is precisely in it, and never stop learning and understanding what we are passionate about. ”

Beatriz Gómez

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Beatriz Gómez is a Venezuelan graphic designer, painter, muralist, photographer, and sculptor. After graduating from Cristobal Rojas School of Fine Arts in Caracas, she continued her ecologically-driven work with the recycled matter at the Fundeco Ecological Foundation in 1995.

Following, she studied sculpture at the Contemporary Museum of Caracas. Upon arriving in Colorado four years later, Gómez saw a range of commissions, which led her to create paintings, murals, and sculptures throughout North America. In 2008, she started work at the Denver Museum of Art in the Spanish Department.

Caldrian Hergo

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Like a neuroscientist in the lab, Guadalajara-based sculptor, Caldrian Hergo considers the dual enterprise that is the left-brain and the right-brain. Hergo’s work seeks to integrate these opposite cerebral aspects; his analytical side explores solutions to problems endemic in life, while the passionate side manifests subtle thoughts in a maximalist way.

Hergo’s research has resulted in a perpetual anthropological journey, from technological engineering to human sciences. His work shows that persistent tinkering with tough materials renders life to a new form, reimagining the most sublime knowledge of the human soul.

Luis GtzR

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Alumnus of the University of Guadalajara in Fine Arts, Lewis GtzR’s work is self-categorized as Quantic Neo-surrealism, creating mysterious and harmonious connections and gestures within his work that further bridge the gap between energy and time.

GtzR incorporates terrestrial, sand, and beige pigments to represent the salient relationship between humans and earth, and has been exhibited internationally in various galleries and institutions.

Tania Riera

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Inspired by the colonial architecture she was surrounded by in her childhood, Barquisimeto-born artist Tania Riera has successfully established herself in the U.S. with painterly, stark-contrasting, and colorful oil and watercolor drawings.

Riera also has extensive experience in the public relations and interior design sectors. 2019 was a fruitful year, with solo exhibitions in Venice, Miami, Brussels, amongst others, showcasing her work.