July 18 | 2023

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City of Oaxaca

“Experiencia Latina”

July 18 | 2023

Events — 2 Min Read

“Experiencia Latina” in the city of Oaxaca

“Experiencia Latina” in the city of Oaxaca

The “Experiencia Latina” exhibition came to Oaxaca City with the mission of promoting cultural exchange through art, a fusion of emotions and creativity that would touch the senses of art lovers. The place chosen for this unique meeting was the “Guty Studio” workshop, a cozy space that became the perfect canvas to display the works of 11 talented artists from different corners of Latin America and Mexico.

From Honduras, Gabriel Zaldívar brought his unique artistic vision, while Marcelo Barnés, Carla Recce and Mary Sol Recce from Argentina captivated audiences with their distinctive and passionate style. The Mexican representation was well supported by Juan Carlos Sánchez, Gabriela Silva López, Idnare Espinosa Silva, Vasti Gallardo, Crisanta Montesinos, KA, Luis Gtz R and Abel Adrián, who left their mark on this exhibition.

On the walls of “Guty Studio”, each work seemed to take on a life of its own, offering a journey through the emotions and feelings of the artists. Each brushstroke and each detail became windows into the hearts of those creators, showing the diversity and cultural richness that beats in Latin America. The exhibition became an opportunity to appreciate the multiple perspectives and artistic approaches that reflect the realities and dreams of the region.

The collaborating within our team is the result of how thoughtful and passionate we are about art.

Clavo Artist Luis Gtz R

At the heart of the Expo “Experiencia Latina” was the talented CLAVO Space artist, Luis Gtz R. His presence stood out from the crowd, emanating an aura of creativity and passion that captivated those who came to see his masterpiece.

Facing his colorful and captivating painting, Luis Gtz R seemed to be in perfect communion with his creation. In every stroke and detail, he revealed the deep connection he maintains with his art. Colors danced across his work, as if taking on a life of their own, and cosmic elements intertwined in a celestial ballet that evoked mystery and wonder.

With each brushstroke, he transmitted his essence, captured his dreams and left a piece of his soul in the painting. Visitors, attracted by the magic emanating from his work, stopped to contemplate it with admiration. The smiles and nods of approval were the reward for dedicated effort and a tireless passion for his art. The Latin music playing in the background blended harmoniously with the creative atmosphere around his booth.

For Luis, that exhibition was not just an artistic event; it was a meeting of souls and an opportunity to share his passion with the world. Each conversation with the visitors became a personal connection, and each compliment reaffirmed his conviction to continue exploring the CLAVO Space art universe.

In the midst of the Expo “Experiencia Latina”, Luis Gtz R was a beacon of inspiration, an artist who transcended cultural and linguistic borders, uniting people of different origins under the universality of art. His presence there left an indelible mark on the memory of those who had the privilege of witnessing his talent and creativity in full splendor.

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The variety of techniques and styles present in “Experiencia Latina” astounded viewers.

Immersing them in an ocean of colors, shapes, and textures. From paintings that evoked the exuberant nature to pieces that portrayed social concerns and struggles, each artist captured the essence of himself on canvas, offering an introspective and universal look.

The opening to the public of the exhibition was scheduled from July 17 to 28, an ephemeral time to appreciate the art that overflowed in every corner of “Guty Studio”. Attendees could lose themselves in the fascinating labyrinth of creativity, connecting with the artistic expressions of different countries and finding common ground in the shared narrative.

“Experiencia Latina” transcended language and cultural barriers, demonstrating how art is a universal language that unites people of diverse origins. On each visit, the public witnessed the magic that was unleashed in the encounter between the artist’s sensitivity and the viewer’s unique interpretation.

By closing the doors of “Guty Studio” after the exhibition period, the legacy of “Experiencia Latina” was etched in the heart of Oaxaca City. The works that filled the workshop continued their journey in the souls of those who witnessed them, inspiring them to continue promoting cultural exchange and celebrating the diversity that enriches the world of art. The exhibition demonstrated that, in the union of visions and passions, art transcends borders and becomes a bridge towards understanding and union between peoples.

Contemporary Performances

Within our associated artists we find different artistic disciplines such as photography, painting, sculpture made with different raw materials, collage, engraving or digital art, each and every one selected based on aesthetics, essence or their social message, loaded with an emotional force or brutality, but always looking to get a little deeper into the debate and get a little closer to the true meaning of art.

Author: Clavo Space

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